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Zinoplex builds highly targeted prospecting lists for marketers and salespeople to increase their productivity in prospecting and lead generation. Our proprietary technology collates large amounts of information scattered over the internet and proprietary databases to identify organizations and contacts that fit your precise definition of ideal targets, and provide the most current and accurate contact data to help you reach new leads with knowledge, confidence, and efficiency.

Our Unique Value Propositions

We generate highly targeted prospecting lists according to your definition of your ideal customer profile. This prospecting list not only includes filters like company size, industry, location, or ranking, but also the types of technologies adopted, features of organizational structures, allocations of workforce, or collection of keywords associated with the companies on the web or in social medias. Send us your definition as precisely as you can get, and we will deliver a prospect list precisely targeted so you spend less time qualifying leads, and more time closing sales!

Power of the network

High-Precision Sales Targeting

Award-winning teams of machine learning experts and statistians applying Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to identify companies and contacts that fit your precise definition of ideal customers.

Customer intelligence

Outbound Data Ninja

Our team of highly trained Data Ninjas make sure that you will never work with bad data again! We sanitize, enhance, de-duplicate, validate, and update your outbound prospecting lists so each message you send gets delivered to the right decision maker.

Custom applications

Customer Intelligence

Understand your customers better by diving deep into their behavior data. Our extensive experience with large scale data and network analytics has helped Fortune 500 companies improve customer retention and reduce churn.

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